HEIA Membership Benefits

HEIA Membership - Pay On-Line

The Home Economics Institute of Australia is a powerful voice for the home economics profession. It provides leadership, products and services to meet the professional needs of home economists by:

  • Conferences, seminars and workshops
    A national conference is held biannually. In addition, most state and territory Divisions offer regular workshops, seminars and conferences to address local needs. Members attend professional development activities at a reduced cost

  • Journals and newsletters
    A refereed journal brings the latest in research and what is happening in the field, and a national newsletter brings the latest news. Most Divisions have their own publication to bring the local news.

  • Members online resources
    HEIA members have access to the most recent journals online in pdf format. They are also privy to a growing range of resources such as divisional newsletters, units of work, links and presentations.

  • Representation
    The Institute provides representation on home economics matters to state and commonwealth governments, industry and to other non-government organisations

  • Forward-looking resources
    The Institute develops forward-looking resources to support the profession, often with funding from external sources such as governments and/or industry.

  • Discounted publications
    HEIA purchases publications in bulk and passes on the savings to members.

  • Information from education, industry and publishers
    Inserts into the journal provide information from industry, education, publishers and other resource developers

  • Advisory, research and project services on a consultancy basis

  • Links to other associations
    HEIA is one of the six member associations of the Technology Education Federation of Australia, and one of 35 member associations of the National Education Forum. HEIA is a member of the International Federation for Home Economics, the only worldwide home economics organisation, recognised as a Non-Government Organisation by the United Nations. Membership of IFHE is available through HEIA.