Food Photography Workshop



A food photograpy workshop was held at Darwin High School on Thursday 12th May, 2016.

 PD Notes

Dina McQuillan, Darwin High School Photography teacher, prepared an intersting and informative workshop for the attendees. With the boon in food photography and the importance of images to student assessment, participants were keen to learn any tricks of the trade Dina could impart to help us to improve our own and our students' images.

 Carmel Carol           Carolyn Tony


Participants were encouraged to bring either a camera or a phone, which ever they were most likely to use in the classroom, and something to photograph. Dina explained some of the basics about camera settings and assisted participants to better understand the functions on their cameras. She explained the importance of light and recommended natural filtered light as the best option. We explored using a reflector to light the image and reduce some of the shadows. This was just as effective with white card as with a professional reflector.

 Dina Tony

THis shows the positioning of the refector, taken outside using natural filtered light.

AA Friand 1 AA Friand 2

In the example above, a reflector was used to fill in and remove the shadows.

Cookies  cake

We also experimented with different backgrounds and Dina explained how to set up to provide a seamless background which best shows off the food. She encouraged us to use differnt textured backgrounds, but the golden rule is not to let the background dominate. If you notice it, its too much. They eye should go straight to the food. Another nice technique for a close up, for example on a cookie, is to use the remainder of the batch as the background, slightly blurred if possible.

Vic Dina Cert

PD Coordintator Vicki Potter wpresenting Dina McQuillan with a Certificate of Appreciation.

We were most grateful for Dina's generosity in sharing her expertise with us. As a senior secondary teacher, she completely understood our pressures and our limitations and structured the information to make it something that, with a little planning, we could all achieve in our classrooms.




Fabulous Fabrics Workshop

In September we were treated to a 'Fabulous Fabrics' workshop by Anne Mitchell from Genesis Creations. Anne (along with her team of paint technicians) has developed an amazing produce called 'Liquid Radiance' which she is at pains to point out is a paint, not a dye, but it acts like a dye. The colours that can be achieved through mixing these nine small bottles in varying amounts is astounding. It will colour any fabric, it is safe, non-toxic, economical, water soluable and easy to use - a teachers dream!!

                         DSC 0239        DSC 0265

The workshop was attended by a small group of HEIA(NT) members and a few interested art teachers from nearby schools. Cathy, Carmel, Jenny, Penny, Petroula and Wayan had a most productive day, learning lots of simple yet effective techniques we could use in our classrooms. Scrunching, splotching, squeezing, twisting, five finger foam brush, sun bleaching, sock colouring...the list went on! Everyone went home with a large number of samples to bring liquid radiance into the classroom and beyond.

DSC 0264    DSC 0308 

Following this workshop, the inspiration bug took hold and the Stage 2 Child Studies class at Darwin High School used the liquid radiance One Colour Socks method to make over 170 pairs of socks to raise money for Syrian refugee children.

                                             DSCN0641       DSCN0617

Bush Foods PD

Have you thought about including bush foods in your
curriculum delivery or are you already using them in your classroom or home?

bush foods

Accessing these ingredients can be a challenge with online often being the only option. However, many of
these products are now available locally.

On Thursday 13 August we were treated to an afternoon of bush herbs and spices with Peter Rayner, of Enchanted Tastes (NT distributor of Outback Chef Australian Bush Herbs & Spices).
Peter shared with us the range of bush foods available, spoke about where they come from, and their health benefits. He and his wife also prepared a number of delicious quick recipes to show how to use them.


DSCF7314                      DSCF7320



2015 Christmas Function

HEIA(NT) End of year dinner was held on 4th November at Pavonia Place, Nightcliff. It was a little early for Christmas, but with such busy lives and the end of year being so frantic, we decided to get in early.

DSC 0322

It was a great night and the food lived up to its reputation and did not disappoint. It was wonderful to have two of our newer young members attend, Sevasti Redwood and Petrolua Yiannakos. Petroula was voted in as the new secretary in 2015 and has been doing a sterling job. Thanks must go to Vicki Potter who did the job for 5 years prior and set up systems that have made the job much clearer. In her newer role as PD coordinator, Vicki has facilitated professional development that has kept us informed, entertained, excited and having fun.

DSC 0328                                         DSC 0327

It was lovely to see Tina and Isabella again. Isabella is growing fast and is very social and animated. Tina is obviously enjoying her time as a full time mum and Isabella is keeping her very  busy.


DSC 0329

It was fantastic to see Miriam again. With her busy prinicpal's role it is rare that we get to enjoy her company at HEIA events, so it was a real treat. Jenny has continued to do the public officer job but also organised our charity Kris Kringle for this year where we could choose a sustainable gift such as chickens to help a family in need.


DSC 0331 Tony has been doing a marvellous job as treasurer and we arengrateful that he is happy to continue in this role. I have even had vendors comment on his efficiency - asking them for invoices before they have even generated them!


DSC 0330

It is with great pleasure that we welcome Caralyn Dea back to HEIA(NT). Caralyn has kindly accepted the invitation to be our HEIA National Council delegate. Caralyn will accompany Carmel to the December meeting where Carmel will bid farewell to council. Caralyn will take on the position in 2016 and we look forward to having continued significant HEIA(NT) representation on the national council.

2015 has been a great year for HEIA(NT) thanks to the efforts of the Committee and we look forward to this continuing in 2016.

Penny McIntyre

President HEIA(NT)